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Board of Supervisors Adopts Non-Retail Commercial Cannabis Business Ordinances

On Tuesday May 8, 2018, the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors adopted the Non-Retail Commercial Cannabis Business ordinances, formally adopting a Cannabis Licensing Program to completely regulate the cannabis supply chain: cultivation, manufacture and distribution. In 30 days, on June 8th 2018, the ordinances will go into effect. After this date, the Cannabis Licensing Office (CLO) will begin to distribute application materials and invite applicants to start applying for licensure. We are not currently accepting applications.

APPROVED Regulations: 7.128, 13.10, Best Management and Operational Practices Plan.

You will need to read all three documents to understand eligibility and operational requirements for your planned facility.

The CLO thanks all those who participated in this important public process to regulate the cannabis supply chain.

May 17, 2018:
Updated Frequently Asked Questions on Cannabis Licensing Process and Use Permitting. Please read these questions in detail before you contact the Cannabis Licensing Office with your questions. See FAQs HERE