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Coastal Restoration and Reuse Plan


The 2010 closure of the Davenport Cement Plant impacted the Davenport community and the local economy, causing the loss of jobs, County revenues and community benefits that defrayed infrastructure costs for Davenport residents. Through the development of a Coastal Restoration and Reuse Plan and in conjunction with the community, the County is now beginning a process to envision a future for the plant and surrounding 103-acre site. Our goal is to create jobs, community benefits and tax dollars for the benefit of residents of Davenport and the larger Santa Cruz community.


The County’s consultant team, led by RRM Design Group, initiated the process with stakeholder meetings, identification of opportunities and constraints and a public workshop.  These initial steps will help to guide the identification of reuse alternatives.

Once alternatives are identified an economic analysis will be completed to determine their viability. Community input will be further sought out in the review of three reuse options for the site. After further community engagement, a Draft Restoration and Reuse Plan will be prepared, with a Board of Supervisors meeting to follow, where a Preferred Alternative Plan will be selected. Environmental review of the Plan and adoption hearings by the Board of Supervisors and Coastal Commission will be required for final approval. 

We seek to develop a Final Restoration and Reuse Plan that is supported by the community, the Board of Supervisors, the Property Owner, and the Coastal Commission.  Below is a schedule of the process:

  • Data Gathering & Analysis
  • Development Potential & Economic Analysis
  • Community Workshop – Review Alternatives
  • Draft Restoration/Reuse Plan & LCP Amendments
  • Identification of Preferred Alternative
  • Environmental Review
  • Final Adoption and Final Report
  • Fall/Winter 2016/17
  • Winter - Fall 2017
  • Fall 2017
  • Winter/Spring 2018
  • Summer 2018
  • Begin 2018
  • To Be Determined