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Employee Recognition Awards - 2010

The employees listed below were selected for their personal achievements in 2010.

  Bronze Silver Gold
HUMAN SERVICES Shared by members of the
Adult Protective Services Team:

Nancy Dybdahl
Denise Laxier Mickel
Olivia Rios
Marta Sprague
Nora Vazquez
Shared by members of the
Forever Families Team:

Paige Baldhosky
Kristy Castro
Carol Gossett
Mary Greenham
Claudia Herrera-Sandoval
Melissa Klein
Mockalee McDonald
Shared by members of the
combined ACCESS CalWIN and Benefits CalWIN Implementation Team:

Anna Arce
David Brown
Todd Estabrooks
Miriam Estrada
Olga Gallardo
Margarita Gonzalez
Lainie Gray
Gail Groves
Sean McAdam
Lorena Moran
Sandra Quiroz-Carter
Adella Ruvalcaba
Josie Sanchez
Rachel Stephens

  Bronze Silver Gold
HEALTH Tony Ainsworth Shared by members of the
Public Health Division's Prevention Programs Team:

Xaloc Cabanes
Kithy Chavez
Sarah Harmon
Corinne Hyland
Natasha Kowalski
Laurie Lang
Kathryn LeBaron
Claudia Llamas-Padilla
Theresia Rogerson
Andrea Silva
Tracy Van Hoy
Dr. Wendy Leonard
  Bronze Silver Gold
of the Auditor-Controller's Office

Lilia Corcoles of the Assessor's Office

Shared by
Michelle Garcia and Nicole Saldavia
of the Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office

  Bronze Silver Gold
LAND USE & REGULATORY Shared by members of the
Public Works Department Fleet Maintenance Team:

Eric Baxter
Manuel Gutierrez
Ben Hawes
Curtis Hewett
Brian Martinez
Steve O'Donnell
Jimmy Rey
James Smrt
Chris Stephens
Mike Sutherland

TIED between:

Members of the
Planning Department Grant Team:

Frank Barron
Julie Conway
Patrick Heisinger
Porcila Perez Wilson

David Carlson
of the Planning Department
Jennifer Price
of the Animal Services Authority

  Bronze Silver Gold
JUSTICE Shared by members of the
Sheriff's Office Civil Division:

Linda Ragan
Rafaela Hoessel
Carol Spencer
Shared by members of the team of
Sheriff's Office Correctional Cooks:

Robin Botwinick
Ron Carmody
Cristobal Chavez
William Di Napoli
Guillermo Hernandez
James Hoessel
Maria Italia
Gerardo Mendez
Kyle Taylor
Tied Between:

Assistant District Attorney
Nicole Ellen Jones


Sgt. Robin Mitchell
of the Sheriff's Office