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2010 Employee Recognition Awards - Health Services

GOLD - Dr. Wendy Leonard

Dr. Leonard has been a physician for the County of Santa Cruz since completing her Family Practice residency program over ten years ago. Throughout this time she has consistently demonstrated skill, versatility, and dedication to ensuring the best possible patient care. Dr. Leonard provides outpatient and inpatient care, after hours call services to HIV infected patients, and recently established a successful HIV clinic in the Watsonville Health Center. She also coordinates the County's HIV quality improvement program and has been the County's Tuberculosis Controller since 2007. In this work she has successfully collaborated with Public Health around HIV and TB care, including program design, management and evaluation, and individual patient care. Dr. Leonard has also devoted her time to the local and national community. She served on the Board of Directors of the Santa Cruz AIDS Project, where she worked to expand HIV prevention and education services to the Latino community, and as an educator and consultant to health care providers in Rwanda. She is truly deserving of recognition for the many ways in which she advocates for patients, reaches out to Clinic staff and includes them in efforts to ensure optimal patient care, and educates patients about managing their illnesses.


SILVER - Shared by members of the Public Health Division's Prevention Programs Team:

Back Row, Left to Right:
Sarah Harmon
Corinne Hyland
Katie LeBaron
Xaloc Cabanes
Tracy Van Hoy

Front Row, Left to Right:
Laurie Lang
Theresia Rogerson
Claudia Llamas
Natasha Kowalski
Andrea Silva

Not pictured: Kithy Chavez

The County's Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention Programs, as well as the HIV and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs, provide a host of important services to local residents age 1 month to 100 years. In the wake of reductions in staff and funding for these programs, each member of the team has worked hard to ensure that important public services continue to be available.

In addition to a number of other programs, team members provide bicycle helmet education and bicycle traffic school, car seat education and installation, pedestrian and bike safety education programs in elementary schools, tobacco prevention education countywide, and HIV and HCV testing at all alcohol and drug treatment sites. These programs enjoy extensive partnerships with community-based organizations, and staff have reached out to these organizations during challenging fiscal times to provide as much support as possible so that important services can continue to be available. Although this team has experienced layoffs and reassignments, the services they provide remain high quality, delivered by employees who have heart and experience and are committed to the health and quality of life of county residents.


BRONZE - Tony Ainsworth

As the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Data Processing Coordinator, Tony works not only on highly technical programs that affect the "front end" of the Division's computer system, but also on the critically important billing and claiming portion that drives the Division's revenue stream. Tony has a thorough understanding of the division's business processes and workflow and consistently demonstrates an incredible work ethic, outstanding organizational skills, and a friendly demeanor during challenging times. With new billing requirements constantly being implemented by the State, Tony's ability to think like an analyst has been critically important in helping him devise computer programs that meet the State's new policies but don't create negative impacts on other areas of the division's work. His amazing coordination skills not only reduce unwanted surprises for staff, but also open up a dialogue that results in a positive workflow improvement both within his own work group and within other groups as well. Drawing on his excellent abilities in the area of trend analysis, Tony has been able to keep the Agency's Medi-Cal claim denial rate under five percent. He always takes time to listen to staff at all levels, working with them to ensure that appropriate systems are in place to allow their jobs to go smoothly while maintaining every aspect of the division's vast computer system.