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2011 Employee Recognition Awards - General Government


GOLD - Cheryl Basinger of the Assessor's Office

Cheryl is responsible for receiving legal descriptions and maps for all parcel changes and for editing the parcel database, which provides the base layer for the County's Geographic Information System, also known as GIS. This work, which is pivotal to maintaining the integrity of the GIS system, can be complex for experienced County staff and even more difficult for members of the public to navigate. At every turn, Cheryl listens to what customers need and answers questions about parcel boundaries. She is also able to explain parcel boundary law so that property owners know what actions they can and cannot take. She identifies problems affecting a customer's parcel (even when the customer hasn't been able to do so), and takes every possible action to resolve their concerns. Cheryl goes out of her way to simplify what can be a very challenging process for members of the public. Her unfailing, constructive, positive assistance has been acknowledged many times by grateful members of the community. Cheryl is a positive reflection on the work of the Assessor's Office and Santa Cruz County government, and it is fitting to recognize her outstanding efforts to maintain the GIS system, as well as for her extraordinary customer service.


SILVER - Mary Stearns of the General Services Department

Last November, while performing her duties as a Custodian with the General Services Department at the County's Emeline complex, Mary noticed that a client's car engine had caught on fire in the parking lot. While others watched from office windows, wondering what to do, and before the Fire Department even had time to respond, Mary dashed out of the 1020 Emeline building with a fire extinguisher and singlehandedly extinguished the fire. Not thinking twice about what needed to be done, Mary simply took decisive action to ensure that people and other vehicles in the vicinity were not impacted by the fire. Staff at the Emeline campus recognize this as yet another example of the character and fortitude that Mary exhibits on a daily basis. Mary's quick response protected employees, clients, and equipment at the Emeline complex, and her efforts merit recognition.


BRONZE - Shared by members of the Information Services Department's Flood Response Team, including:

Left to Right:
Kelly Chaffee
John Maddux
Greg Kelly
Tom Daskaloff
Mike Del Fava

Not Pictured:
Peter Hamrock
Ben Swift

As members of the Operations, Server, and Networking team, Ben, Kelly, Peter, Tom, John, Mike, and Greg are responsible for supporting some of the most critical infrastructure that provides server applications, mainframe, email, and internet access for all County users and the people they serve. After a water valve broke on the fourth floor of the County Government Center, a steady waterfall flowed into the basement hallway outside the Data Center area and into Network closets on several floors. Staff working on the Operations swing shift immediately took action to ensure that water did not flood into the Data Center. Using only the reams of copy paper at hand, Ben and Kelly created a paper dam that effectively stopped the water at the exterior wall while Tom used garbage can liners to cover and protect the network equipment in the closets. Peter, John, Mike, and Greg assisted the Fire Department in redirecting water flow down available drains and cleaning up the hallway and stair areas. The rapid response and innovative actions taken by each member of the team ensured that water did not enter these areas, thereby protecting millions of dollars worth of critically important equipment.