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2012 Employee Recognition Awards - Human Services


GOLD - Shared by members of the Family and Children's Services Administrative and Clerical Support Team

Left to Right:
Kristy Castro
Maria Chavarria
Pat Broad
Diane Barnes
Kimberly Smith

Not Pictured:
Patty Demarest
Gloria Martinez
Araceli Hernandez
Maureen Hart
Deanna Buchholtz-Lopez

Supporting a staff of more than 60 Social Workers and managers at the Human Services Department's Family and Children's Services Division, each member of the team consistently works to ensure that all aspects of any task are completed quickly and accurately. Whether helping Social Workers meet court deadlines, preparing child abuse reports for investigation by Social Workers, maintaining volumes of critically important case files, or handling reception duties at the front desk, each member of the team unfailingly carries out their duties with great skill, efficiency, and diplomacy. According to Social Workers in the office, the members of the Family and Children's Services Administrative and Clerical Support Team are the glue that keeps the Division together. The level of care and attention that each person of the team unfailingly devotes to their work on behalf of the Division merits public recognition.


SILVER - Sandi Hurtado

As a Division Secretary with the Human Services Department, Sandi is routinely the first point of contact for members of the public seeking assistance from the Adult and Long-Term Care Division. Working with diverse members of our community, Sandi unfailingly demonstrates her compassion, empathy, and desire to provide the very best in customer service. She has proven her ability to perform well in new and challenging work assignments, including becoming a "super user" for the Case Management Information and Payroll System II full load conversion program. Sandi has also assumed responsibility for entering referrals of potential neglect and abuse cases directly into the Adult Protective Services case management system – a task that had previously involved two levels of staff work – which required that she learn both an entirely new process and a new computer program. In every situation and with every task, Sandi brings an open attitude and positive energy to her work, demonstrates that she is a team player, and serves as a positive example for all staff.

BRONZE - Melinda Kehn

An employee with County since 1999, Melinda has promoted to become an Administrative Aide in the Human Services Department. For the past six years, Melinda has been an essential member of the Employment Services team working on documenting and improving the Work Participation Rate – a critical federal performance measure of the Welfare To Work program. Drawing on her excellent analytic and computer skills, Melinda has helped develop the automated case review system that is still in use today. She has also become extremely knowledgeable about Work Participation Rate requirements and is always ready to answer questions about regulations and assist Employment Services staff. At every turn, Melinda has diligently and successfully taken on new duties, and with each new assignment she has become an invaluable resource to Employment Services, Quality Assurance, and data reporting staff. Melinda deserves recognition for her commitment to accuracy, her willingness to take on new assignments, and her ability to be a resource in all areas. She is truly an exemplary employee.