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Santa Cruz County Juvenile Hall

Mission Statement

The Juvenile Hall Division subscribes to and supports the mission statement of the California Association of Probation Institution Administrators (CAPIA) as follows:

" build and support a Juvenile Detention System which utilizes the assessment of risk, eliminates unnecessary detention of youth, provides a safe and humane institutional environment for those residents in detention, develops a professional child supervision staff who recognize and respect the dignity of residents, and demonstrates a level of care which serves as a model to other states and jurisdictions."


The Juvenile Hall holds the following beliefs:

  • Youth not needing secure detention should be provided less restrictive alternatives to incarceration
  • Youth have the ability to make positive changes
  • Youth have the right to be treated with dignity and respect
  • Youth deserve fair and consistent discipline, and a safe and humane environment
  • Youth need institutional programs and services which foster physical, moral, emotional, and intellectual growth
  • Youth need positive role models
  • Institutional staff are our most valuable resource

Programs and Services

  • Barrios Unidos
  • NA / AA / Alateen
  • Planned Parenthood
  • The Beat Within
  • Seven Challenges
  • Friday Night Live
  • Mentoring / Job Readiness Programs
  • Movie Night
  • Community Speakers
  • Religious Programs
  • Educational Programs
  • Counseling
  • On-site Nurse
  • Mental Health Clinician