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Santa Cruz County Girls' Task Force

The The Girls' Task Force was convened in the spring of 2004 following intensive training sponsored by Santa Cruz County Probation and attended by interested service providers. In August of 2004 they published their mission statement:

The Girls' Task Force is dedicated to improving gender specific services and communication between such services to better serve all girls at risk in our community. We will create access to resources that heal, empower, educate, build self-esteem, and provide girls with alternatives to juvenile incarceration.

The Task Force supports and helps coordinate "Girls' Circle", a popular curriculum which is designed to encourage girls to hold on to their voices, enhance judgement and critical thinking skills, respect themselves and others, evaluate decision making in regard to high-risk behaviors, maintain authentic connections with peers and adults, and broaden their definitions of beauty and womanhood beyond media messages.

Involvement of the Survivor's Healing Center in the Task Force helped to bring an important training to the Probation Department. Staff from the Center presented two trainings on the implecations of childhood sexual abuse in detention and supervision