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Meeting Dates:
The Emergency Management Council generally meets the first Thursday of every odd month, excluding July.

Meeting Times:
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Meeting Locations:
Emergency Operations Center
5200 Soquel Avenue,
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Alternative location:
American Red Cross Headquarters.
2960 Soquel Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

In accordance with the Brown Act, the posted agendas for the Emergency Management are available for public view in the display cases outside the County Courthouse and in front of the main entrance to the County Government Center at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. 

EMC Agendas and Minutes


Office of Emergency Services

Emergency Management Council

Role of the Council
The County Emergency Management Council was established to comply with the legal requirements of the State and to assist the Board of Supervisors and the Director of Emergency Services in the administration of Chapter 2.26 of the Santa Cruz County Code.

The County Emergency Management Council is empowered to develop and recommend for adoption to the Board of Supervisors, emergency and mutual aid plans and agreements, and such ordinances, resolutions, rules and regulations as may be necessary to implement such plans and agreements, and any necessary amendments thereto.  (Ord. 3853 § 1 (part), 1987: prior code § 3.61.020: Ord. 2545, 3/21/78)

County Code Link

Council Structure
The Emergency Management Council shall consist of the following members:

A. The following individuals or designees:

1. Emergency Services Administrator of the County, or his or her designee;
2. Sheriff-Coroner of the County, or his/her designee;
3. Public Works Director of the County, or his/her designee;
4. Planning Director of the County, or his/her designee;
5. Area fire coordinator of the Fire Chief’s Association, or his/her designee;
6. A representative of the County Emergency Medical Services program, designated by the Health Services Administrator;  
7. Human Services Director, or his/her designee;

B. Representatives of the following agencies, as appointed by the Board of Supervisors upon nomination by such agencies:

1. University of California, Santa Cruz Campus;
2. Amateur Radio (RACES);
3. Local chapter of the American Red Cross;
4. Local Emergency Communications Committee for Monterey Bay (EAS);
5. Each incorporated city;
6. Medical Society of Santa Cruz County
7. Dominican Santa Cruz Hospital Force;
8. County Office of Education;
9. Watsonville Community Hospital;

C. Five members appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

D. One at-large community member, who represents a local volunteer effort related to disaster planning as designated by the Director of General Services.  Other Public community Members are welcome to attend.

Emergency Management Council Members
Current as of January 2019
1st District Community Representative:  Cally Haber
2nd District Community Representative: Scott Cullen
3rd District Community Representative: Joe Christy
4th District Community Representative: Bob Wiser
5th District Community Representative: Liz Taylor-Selling
At Large Community Member: Robert Ritchey
Area Fire Coordinator / County Fire Dept.: Ian Larkin or Representative
ARES / RACES: Cap Pennell
Capitola OES: Andy Dally
Chair of Local Emergency Communications Committee of Monterey Bay (EAS)
County Emergency Medical Services: Brenda Brenner or Representative
County Human Services Department: Randy Fedak or Representative
County Office of Education: John Armstrong
County Office of Emergency Services: Rosemary Anderson or Representative
County Planning Department Martin Heaney or Representative
County Public Works Department: Vance Wagner
County Sheriff / Coroner: Mitch Medina or Representative
Dominican Santa Cruz Hospital: Eric Conrad
Medical Society of Santa Cruz County: Donna Odryna
Santa Cruz Chapter of the American Red Cross: Patsy Gasca
Santa Cruz City OES: Paul Horvat
Scotts Valley OES: John Wilson
UC Santa Cruz: Lisa Ehret
Watsonville Community Hospital: Matko Vranjes
Watsonville OES: Tom Avila

Council Staff
The Office of Emergency Services provides staff support and clerical services to the Council.

Click here to email: Rosemary AndersonEmergency Services Manager

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EMC Biennial Reports
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EMC Annual Reports
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EMC Attendance Reports
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