December 2005


To the Citizens of the County Of Santa Cruz:


This report supplements the Grand Jury’s Final Report issued in June 2005. It includes the individual entities’ responses to the findings and the recommendations presented in the June 2005 publication. The responses are integrated with the initial report to make the information contained more usable.


The Santa Cruz County Grand Jury takes very seriously its charge to investigate the operations of local government. We are pleased to find that the local government entities also took their duty to respond to the items in this report very seriously. We hope that you find this report thought provoking and well researched. 


We would like to thank all of those who helped us in gathering this information. We would also like to thank our fellow citizens for giving us the opportunity to be of service; the true power of the Grand Jury lies in its ability to uncover truth and bring issues of importance to the attention of the appropriate officials and to the public.


Please read this report with an open mind and commit yourselves to change those things within your power. Our ultimate objective is effective and efficient government. We need your help!









Maxine R. McNamara, Foreperson

2005-2006 Grand Jury of Santa Cruz County







































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