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Landfill Closure

By June 2021, Public Works will complete a detailed plan for eventual closure of the Buena Vista Landfill (estimated at 2030) and replacement with a new transfer station.

Key Steps

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Complete RSW Long-Term Strategic Plan and Capital Improvement Plan. Determine site for Transfer Station. Complete plans for Transfer Station.  
Plan Reference: Collaborating Depts:
6.C.i, 6.D.ii HSA Landfill Closure Plan 30%
The State (CalRecycle and State Water Board) permitted the landfill to fill to a specific height.  Per our annual surveys, we have approximately 8-10 years capacity remains.  To plan for the transition of burying garbage in the landfill, to having a transfer station to accept garbage that is then hauled away to another burial location, it is necessary for Public Works to provide for a convenient local option for refuse and recycling disposal.

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