Press Release
Summit Fire 2

Date: May 22, 2008
Time: 10:28 AM
Release: Immediately
Contact: Dinah Phillips
Public Information Officer

Size of the fire is now estimated to be 2,200-2,400 acres.

At approximately 8:00 this morning, 320 homes in the threatened area were called and told to evacuate.

Officers have gone door to door on upper Highland to ensure that people have evacuated. Twenty to twenty-five homes with approximately 75 people live in that area.

The Red Cross shelter at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds is open and operational. At this time, no one is being sheltered.

People are encouraged to stay inside with the doors and windows closed to avoid breathing smoke.

CALF ire reports 15 structures burned.

The Summit Fire has now expanded to approximately 1,500 acres. The fire is expected to grow to 10,000 acres.

Eureka Canyon Road is closed at 4 Corners. People are not being allowed to go up Eureka Canyon Road towards the fire.

Nisene Marks Park is closed and has been evacuated.

CalFire has set up three phone lines to tell people whether they should evacuate:

Road Closures:
Eureka Canyon road @ Varney and Browns Valley
Summit Road at Burrel Fire Station
Highway 152 @ Poleline Road

200 students from Santa Clara County have been safely evacuated from Camp Koinonia.