The County Administrative Office is responsible for the preparation and supervision of the County’s budget, legislative analysis, contract and grant administration, intergovernmental relations, supervision of non-elected department heads, and oversight of all departmental functions. The County Administrative Officer is responsible for management, review, and recommendations related to the Board of Supervisor’s weekly agenda materials.


The County Administration Officer is also the ex-officio Clerk of the Board, Director of Emergency Services, Executive Director of the Public Finance Authority, Executive Director of the Santa Cruz County Redevelopment Agency, and a member of the Consolidated Communication Center Joint Powers Agreement Board and the Criminal Justice Council. The County Administrative Office also administers activities related to tourism promotion, such as the contract with the Santa Cruz County Conference and Visitors Council, and coordinates the County’s participation in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Interagency Task Force.


Susan A. Mauriello, County Administrative Officer

701 Ocean Street, Room 520

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Information: (831) 454-2100

Fax: (831) 454-3420



Clerk of the Board


The Clerk of the Board is a division of the County Administration Office. The Clerk of the Board’s principal responsibilities are to maintain and publish the record of the proceedings of the Board of Supervisors and assist in the preparation of the agenda for the Board’s weekly public meetings, including placing the agenda and minutes on the Internet. The office is also Clerk to the Assessment Appeals Board, the Nuisance Abatement Appeals Commission, and the Environmental Health Appeals Commission. The Clerk of the Board maintains the County’s on-line version of the County Code and updates the list of appointments and notices of vacancies for County Commissions and committees on the Internet. 


Tess E. Fitzgerald, Clerk of the Board

701 Ocean Street, Room 500

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Information: (831) 454-2323

Fax: (831) 454-2327

Assessment Appeal Filing Information

Please note: a non-refundable processing fee of $30 must accompany all Applications for Changed Assessment. Click on the links below for the application and filing information:

Application for Changed Assessment

Residential Property Assessment Appeals

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