The following items have been agreed upon by the County of Santa Cruz

and SEIU Local 415 as of March 8, 2006.


Previously Agreed Upon Tentative Agreements (TAs)




Clarifies release time for Shop Stewards per Attachment C of MOU.



Clarifies that any notice of intended action served to an employee must be either hand-delivered or faxed to the Union the same day.


Impasse procedure

Clarifies that “impasse procedure” shall be in accordance with state government code.


Union Leave and Time Off

Expands the total number of workers that can be released to work for the Union in a calendar year to 14.  In addition, adds Shop Stewards to list of eligible workers.


Late Evaluations

Clarifies mistake in previous MOU.


Retirement (Safety Officers)

Workers shall pay entire employee contribution of 9%.  County pays equivalent to miscellaneous employees of 15.005%.  Social Security savings (6.2%) + savings from original movement into safety (0.028%) will be applied.  Plan shall not exceed 21.333%.  Worker pays for increased costs in excess of 21.333%.


 Retiree Health Care

1. Effective after Union ratification and Board of Supervisor’s approval and as soon as PERS administrative procedures allow, and for the remainder of 2006, the County will make the following monthly contributions towards retiree health, not to exceed the actual cost of the plan selected:

a.      Retiree Only $307.00 per month

b.      Retiree +1 $357.00 per month

c.      Retiree +2 or more $413.00 per month


2. Effective in January 2007, and for the remainder of 2007, the County will increase monthly contributions for retiree health by $50 to the following amounts not to exceed the actual cost of the plan selected:

a.      Retiree Only $357.00

b.      Retiree +1 $407.00

c.      Retiree +2 or more $463.00


Renumber and Rename the Current Section 9.2 of the MOU as Section 10.1H: Retiree Health Care.  The parties agree that this movement is to facilitate ease of access to information by retirees and is not intended to change the substance of the provision.


Long Term Disability

Clarifies language on the Union’s option to have a vote to convert to State Disability Leave with a 50% plus one vote.


Employee Assistance Program

The County provides an Employee Assistance Program through MHN CSAC-Excess Insurance Authority Consortium.



Adds the following classifications to the overtime provision:

     Solid Waste Inspector I/II

     Environmental Program Coordinator

     Treatment Plant Operator in Training

     Treatment Plant Operations Supervisor

     Senior Treatment Plant Operator

     Lead Heavy Equipment Operator

     Cashier-Disposal Site

     Electrical Instrumentation Supervisor

     Electrical Instrumentation Technician I/II

     Treatment Plant Operator


Morgue Cleaning Differential

Increase differential from $0.45 to $0.75 per hour.


Child Psychiatrist Differential

Delete provision pertaining to a differential for child psychiatrists.


Reimbursement for Property Damage

Increases the maximum reimbursement of property damage from $150.00 to $500.00 effective September 11, 2006


Care of Immediate Family Member

Adds “grandchild” to the list of immediate family that an employee may use annual leave to care for.


Alternate Disciplinary Procedure

Adds mediation as an option for disciplinary actions.



Adds new language that allows an employee that receives an overall rating of “meets standard” with substandard rating to appeal to the Personnel Director.


Classification Action

Clarifies language on classification action, request.  Increases number of employees from 25 to 30 in the month of January of each year. 


Grievance Procedure Definition

Clarification language on items excluded from the grievance procedure.


Training and Promotional Opportunities

Adds classifications within the Parks Department (Extra Help) under the eligibility for reimbursement for licenses and certificates. 


Training and Promotional Opportunities

Clarifies the certificates and licenses Planning Department employees are eligible for reimbursement for. 


Upward Mobility

Creates a career Opportunity Program subcommittee of the County Training Task Force.


Extra Help Employee Provisions

Clarifies Article 25 to be applicable to Extra Help employees.


Extra Help Insurance

Cleans up existing language.


Aquatics Staff

A Lifeguard or Head Lifeguard shall receive a differential of $1.25 per hour when assigned to instruct swim lessons or when assigned on the deck to supervise lifeguards conducting swim lessons.

Attachment B

Supervisory Classes

Adds the following classifications under supervisory classes:

     Head Lifeguard/Instructor

     Recreation Program Specialist

New Article

Advance Enrollment Voluntary Time Off with Accrual

Creates a new Voluntary Time Off program to be used to avoid layoffs that will allow members to take time off without pay while maintaining all benefits.

New Article

Regional Transportation Commission

All provisions of this MOU will terminate for employees in the Regional Transportation Commission effective June 30, 2006 or upon completion of separation from the County.