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Press Release

Health and Human Services Relocated in Watsonville


Date:      January 7, 2005

Release: Immediately



Due to yesterday’s fire at the Wall Street Inn in Watsonville, County offices at 12 and 18 West Beach Street are temporarily closed. The County offices had little damage, but will need to be cleaned before they are re-occupied. In addition, the City of Watsonville is requiring seismic bracing of the damaged hotel before County employees can move back into their offices. The City, the County, and the owners of the building are working cooperatively to ensure the safety of the facility prior to reoccupation.


While the County offices are closed, the following services can be accessed by phone:


·        Child Welfare Services: 763-8850

·        Adult Services: 763-8800

·        IHSS Public Authority or Registry: 454-5252

·        Adult and Children’s Mental Health: 763-8900

·        Children’s Medical Services (CCS, CHDP, and Lead Prevention): 763-8900


The following services have been moved to these locations:


·        IHSS time cards may be dropped off at the reception desk at 119 W. Beach Street.

·        Adult Education Classes have been moved to the Porter Building, at 280 Main Street.

·        CalWorks Cash Aid and Welfare to Work Services have been moved to 119 W. Beach Street (763-6286).

·        EDD services, Career Center services, and National Council on Aging services have been moved to 2045 40th Avenue in Capitola (464-6286).

·        Youth Services paycheck distribution has been moved to the Enterprise Community Office, at 215 Union Street, next to the Youth Center.