Press Release

County Expands Web Site


Date:†††††† June 25, 2001 (5:14PM)

Release: Immediately

Contact: Chris Hirsch

††† Public Information Officer

††† 454-3408



In an effort to continually improve services to the residents of Santa Cruz County, the County web site has been recently expanded to include four new components.


County Code: The two volume Santa Cruz County Code is now available on-line. Volume 1 contains the administrative section of the Code, and Volume 2 contains land use regulations. A word search engine is provided to assist users in locating information. The on-line versions of the County Code will be updated at least annually.


Building or Discretionary Application Status: Individuals who have submitted Building or Discretionary Applications are now able to check the status of those applications through the Countyís website. This information can be accessed through the Planning Departmentís section of the website.


Commissions, Committees, and Advisory Bodies: The County website now includes information on each of the Countyís commissions, committees, and advisory bodies. The site identifies those groups that have current vacancies, and interested persons can submit on-line applications.


MTBE-Free Gasoline: The Board of Supervisors encourages residents to use MTBE-free gasoline, and a list of local vendors is presented on the website.