2015 Employee Recognition Awards - Justice

GOLD - Jeffrey Simpson, Sheriff's Office

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Jeffrey serves as a Sheriff’s Deputy and played a key role in finding, arresting, and convicting Scott Sturk, a serial rapist and child molester. Jeffrey went above and beyond to track down a 9-1-1 hangup call, to locate the cell phone, find the reported RV with a partial license plate. Jeffrey’s kind and professional demeanor allowed for the victim to disclose the crime. At multiple stages in the investigation, a law enforcement officer could have justified stopping the investigation, but Mr. Struck would have not been caught that day. The preliminary hearings and the trial of Mr. Sturk were long but Jeffrey cooperated fully by making himself available at every opportunity to testify and assist the District Attorney’s Office. Through Jeffrey’s hard work and follow-through, the District Attorney was able to convict one of the most dangerous sexual offenders in the County, and Scott Sturk now faces multiple life sentences. Jeffrey’s devotion to duty, as well as his work on behalf of the District Attorney’s Office, is exceptional and deserving of public recognition.

SILVER - Daniel Cruz, Sheriff's Office

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Daniel Cruz is a Sheriff in the Criminal Investigations Division, Sexual Assault Unit, which handles serious crimes most often involving women and children. Detective Cruz’s service to sexual assault survivors and the community through compassionate victim interactions and superior suspect interview skills has solved many of the county’s most heinous crimes. His peers consider him to be a quiet, witty, and patient investigator with superior interview skills. Daniel’s intelligence, patience, and tenacity during suspect interviews have led to confessions and suspect prosecution in numerous high-profile and lesser-known sexual assaults in our county. Daniel’s bilingual ability has allowed him to speak to Spanish language groups, educating women and children about the dangers of sexual assault while building trust between the Sheriff’s Office and a traditionally under-served community. Daniel also provides in-service training and presentations to Sherriff’s staff, allied agency personnel, and public agencies. Daniel’s devotion to duty, as well as his work on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office, is exceptional and deserving of public recognition

BRONZE - Yolanda James-Sevilla, Adult Probation


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Yolanda serves as the Adult Probation Department’s Post Release Community Supervisor. She has played a crucial role in the success of the public safety realignment and the reduction of jail overcrowding and recidivism. Yolanda oversees five officers as well as several interns who are tasked with the daily supervision, accountability, and rehabilitation of 153 current clients. Yolanda’s efforts to make contact with each and every one of the clients and their families prior to their scheduled release has led to a reduction of failure to appears. Yolanda’s devotion to duty, as well as her work on behalf of the Adult Probation Department, is exceptional and deserving of public recognition.