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Construction Projects - Informal Bids (GSD)


For a current list of Formally Bid Construction Projects, please click here (GSD)

For a current list of Public Works projects on Ebidboard, please click here (DPW)

In 2019, the County of Santa Cruz adopted the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA), enacted in 1983 under section 22000 et seq. Public Contract Code. We practice under 3-tiers for construction projects (1) in-house staff performs or basic vendor solicitations up to $59,999; (2) Informal Bidding $60,000-199,999; or (3) Formal Bidding over $200,000, which requires Board approval and other advertising routes.

Informal Projects will be issued to the Builder's Exchanges and advertised below, but don't necessarily have Board dates, unless the procurement cycle requires such. Inquiries should be made to the Project Manager, or else contact our Facilities Maintenance & Project Operations Division - Deputy Director Thomas Fakner CCM (831) 454-4606, by email to:; General Services Inquires (like Public Records Requests) will be addressed at or by calling (831) 454-2210.

Project # Tenant Improvement Description Due Date & Time Lowest Apparent Bidder

District Attorney -  Phase IV-Phase VII 

**This is  3  Part  Project, with an all-intended mandatory  walkthrough. Contractors with appropriate licensing shall apply for any/all of the 3 Bid Options listed. Contractors will be expected to coordinate and work overlapping to the alternate project Contractor(s).

Awarded Contractor(s) will be screened by the DA for background clearance to enter their workspace. No screening required for the walk-through. 

Addendum #1- Dated 05/13/2021

Addendum #2- Dated 05/13/2021

1. Project_Drywall

2. Project_Flooring

3. Project_Interior Painting   $66,770  est.

Project Manager

Mandatory Walk-Thru

05/06/21 10:00 A.M. 

701 Ocean Street, 2nd Floor, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

*Meet at front steps to main Gov Center (not Court steps)

Email Bids Here

05/21/21 2:30 P.M.

Contracts for all three projects are awarded for July 1 through Dec 31.


Consolidated Drywall Inc



Mission Floors Inc


Interior Painting:

Satellite Painting Inc


Blaine Street Women's Correctional Flooring

Notice to Contractors

Bid Proposal Packet

Project Supporting Docs


Project Manager

Mandatory Walk-Thru

04/07/21 10:00 A.M. 

141 Blaine Street,

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Bids emailed to Project Manager

04/15/21 2:30 P.M.

Harry L. Murphy Inc.


Office: 408-955-1100

Fax: 408-955-1111