If your home was lost or damaged during the fire, please know that you have our sympathies and that we will work with you to make the effort to reenter and rebuild your home as safe and easy as possible.

Recovery is a multi-phase process that includes steps for reentry, debris removal, wells and water systems, septic systems, and other environmental health-related questions. The first step of recovery includes the cleanup of household hazardous waste and debris removal – also known as Phase I.

Phase I was overseen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). The USEPA removed items and substances known to be a threat to human and environmental health. Phase 1 work is depicted in the map that can be found here. Those burned properties that are shown in orange will require additional household hazardous waste during Phase II. These properties had dangerous trees or terrain, unstable remnant structures, or other unsafe conditions that impeded the USEPA to be able to safely conduct Phase I removal.

If the USEPA was not able to access the property, either because of a refusal of the property owner or because the property was fenced and attempts to reach the owner were unsuccessful, the parcel is yellow. Properties shown in yellow are not able to participate in Phase II Government Sponsored Debris Removal Program.

Click here for an FAQ on Phase 1 debris removal