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Commissions, Committees, & Advisory Bodies

This page last updated: June 8, 2022


Thank you for your interest in advisory bodies to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors.  The Board appoints residents of Santa Cruz County to positions on more than 40 advisory bodies established to provide advice and recommendations to the Board in a variety of subject areas, as well as to a few agencies which, while not advisory to the Board of Supervisors, include representatives appointed by the Board.  While some of these entities are mandated by State law, most were established by the Board to facilitate citizen involvement in government and to assist the Board in its decision making process.  There are at-large appointments, where any member of the Board can nominate an appointee.  There are also district appointments, where an individual Supervisor nominates appointees, usually residents of his or her supervisorial district.  In addition, some appointees are required to represent particular groups and/or interests.  In all cases, the Board as a whole makes the final appointment.

If the name of an advisory body is underlined, it indicates a link to that body's own home web page.  If you are interested in learning more about a particular advisory body, you may click on the first link under the group's name.   The second link under each name provides the name and phone number of the County employee who provides staff support to that advisory body.  Clicking on the name allows you to send an email to that person.  Finally, there is also a link to the general commission and committees County Code Chapter 2.38 that contains rules governing all of the advisory bodies.

If you would like to review a list of current advisory body vacancies, click on the VACANCY button at the top of the page.   (Please note that you may apply for appointment to any County advisory body at any time, whether or not there are current vacancies.)

To apply for appointment to a County advisory body on-line, please click on the APPLY NOW  button at the top of the page.

  Agricultural Policy Advisory Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.82     Contact Information
  Arts Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.42    Contact Information
  Assessment Appeals Board
               County Code Chapter 2.98    Contact Information
  Childhood Advisory Council
               Establishing Authority    Contact Information
  Civil Service Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.46    Contact Information
  Commission on Disabilities
               County Code Chapter 2.72    Contact Information
  Commission on the Environment  
               County Code Chapter 2.54    Contact Information
  Commission on Justice and Gender  
               County Code Chapter 2.126    Contact Information
  Deferred Compensation Advisory Commission  
                  County Code Chapter 2.88    Contact Information
  Emergency Management Council
               County Code Chapter 2.106    Contact Information
  Emergency Medical Care Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.52    Contact Information
  Environmental Health Appeals Commission 
               County Code Chapter 2.56    Contact Information
  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.40    Contact Information
  Fire Department Advisory Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.120    Contact Information
  First 5 Santa Cruz County
               County Code Chapter 2.45    Contact Information
  Fish and Wildlife Advisory Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.90    Contact Information
  Hazardous Materials Advisory Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.92    Contact Information
  Historic Resources Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.58    Contact Information
  Housing Advisory Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.94    Contact Information
  Housing Authority Board of Commissioners
               Resolution 204 - 69     Contact Information
  Human Services Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.60    Contact Information
  In-Home Supportive Services Advisory Committee
               County Code Chapter 2.124    Contact Information
  Integrated Community Health Centers Co-Applicant Commission
               County Code Chapter 7.57    Contact Information
  Integrated Waste Management Local Task Force
                   Contact Information
  Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.48    Contact Information
  Latino Affairs Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.117    Contact Information
  Law Library Board of Trustees
               Establishing Authority    Contact Information
  Mental Health Advisory Board
               County Code Chapter 2.104    Contact Information
  Mobile and Manufactured Home Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.64    Contact Information
  Parks and Recreation Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.70    Contact Information
  Planning Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.74    Contact Information
  Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County
   Contact Information
  Santa Cruz-Monterey-Merced-San Benito-Mariposa Managed Medical Care Commission
               County Code Chapter 7.58    Contact Information
  Seniors Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.78    Contact Information
  Substance Use Disorder Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.84    Contact Information
  Syringe Services Program Advisory Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.125    Contact Information
  Treasury Oversight Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.119    Contact Information
  Water Advisory Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.96    Contact Information
  Women's Commission
               County Code Chapter 2.80    Contact Information
  Workforce Development Board *
             County Code Chapter 2.111    Contact Information

Other Bodies Appointed To By the Board of Supervisors

  Advisory Redistricting Commission
               Elections Code section 23001    Contact Information
  Library Advisory Commission
               Library Boards    Contact Information
  Pajaro Valley Public Cemetery District
               Pajaro Valley Public Cemetery District    Contact Information

       * A specific application for appointment to the Workforce Development Board is available by clicking here.