Dave Reid, Analyst

Prior to joining the Office of Response, Recovery & Resilience, Dave served as a senior staff member for the First District County of Santa Cruz Supervisor for eight years. Through extensive constituent work, community organizing and coalition building, he helped ensure that our local government served Santa Cruz County residents. Prior to this, Dave worked in Public Works and the Redevelopment Agency, where he gained experience in community engagement, project management and public infrastructure maintenance. As a former research scientist with the USGS with a Masters in Coastal Geology, Dave possesses a comprehensive understanding of the science behind climate change and how our community and local government can prepare and respond to it. In his new role, he seeks to serve the public to recover, adapt, innovate and become more resilient.

Karen Adler

Karen brings extensive experience in the management of programs, projects, grants and communications to her role in the Office of Response, Recovery & Resilience, focusing on grants management and administration. Since joining the County of Santa Cruz in 2017, her immersion in the world of emergency services has featured participation in a number of Emergency Operations Center activations, including COVID-19 and CZU Lightning Complex Fire response and recovery, as well as extensive training and exercise programs. Karen enjoys working on additional projects such as producing informative articles on emergency preparedness topics and collaborating with County agencies and community partners.