All County Objectives

# 318

Youth Probation Success

By December 2022, Probation will reduce technical violations for youth of color by 40% by utilizing community supports and reducing  the unnecessary use of detention.

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Key Steps

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Revise the Response Grid and ensure social emotional responses are included, and revise policy. Re-train/train all juvenile staff in the use of the Response Grid and ensure fidelity with supervisory coaching and oversight (documentation) and data tracking. Utilize continuum of services and community supports/resources and track referrals, completion and outcomes of contracted services. Leverage the department's Race Equity Initiative and trainings to increase the capacity of staff/partners to contribute to equitable outcomes for youth of color.
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Baseline: Progress:
1.C.ii, 1.A.ii 20% YOC Percent of Technical Violations 32% 100% (20%)
Decreased technical violations serve to keep YOC in their communites, fewer entries into JH, decrease trajectory to the deep end of the JJS and support equitable responses and opportunities.