All County Objectives

# 61

Unpaid Child Support

By June 2021, Child Support Services will increase the reliability of child support to families by decreasing the amount of unpaid child support by 0.5% for each federal fiscal year.


Key Steps

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Manage child support cases to increase consistent collections by monitoring the Federal Performance Measure 3 - Current Collections Performance. Monitor child support cases using the Case Management Tool (CMT) for follow up review dates out 180 days or less. Review child support caseload using Banding Toolkit to identify arrears-only cases and target Federal Performance Measure 4 - Arrearage Collections Performance.  
Plan Reference: Collaborating Depts:
Baseline: Progress:
1.B.ii, 5.D.ii, 6.A.ii HSD 70.9% Collections on Cases in Arrears 53.7% 146% (78.75%)