County Counsel

Jason M. Heath,
County Counsel

701 Ocean Street, Room 505
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Information: (831) 454-2040
Fax: (831) 454-2115

The County Counsel is the lawyer for the county government. When the county is sued or otherwise named in a lawsuit, the County Counsel appears in court to represent the county’s interests. The County Counsel also serves as legal counsel to all County officials and departments including the Board of Supervisors. Other responsibilities include drafting local laws, reviewing contracts, and providing other legal advice. The office represents County departments and related public agencies in the course of their official business and does not represent individuals in private legal matters.

The County Counsel also oversees the Criminal Defense Conflicts Program. The main purpose of the program is to establish and maintain a panel of attorneys eligible for appointment by the Superior Court to represent indigent criminal defendants and other clients, when the Public Defender and the Conflict Public Defenders have declared a conflict. If you are interested in receiving appointments to criminal cases as an independent contractor for the County of Santa Cruz, please click on the following links: