Vision Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz County Strategic Planning

In 2017, Santa Cruz County embarked on its first-ever strategic planning process “Vision Santa Cruz County.” Thousands of you helped us by answering some basic questions: What kind of community do you want? How can we do better? Where should the County focus its efforts?

The results are included in the proposed six-year Santa Cruz County Strategic Plan, which goes to the Board of Supervisors June 12. The Plan sets forth a Vision and Mission for the County, along with a set of values, focus areas and goals.

Your input in this process mattered. Through community meetings, online surveys, emails, phone calls and more, thousands of you helped shape the County’s strategic plan. We think it represents the highest ideals of the community, and we thank you for your contributions.

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"I could not find affordable housing in Santa Cruz County. … Not only is this a top priority to address homelessness, it is also an issue for those of us who contribute our professional talents to make this a better community."

Gabriel M., Commuter

"Public safety, supportive business climate, environmental/open space protection, streamlined planning processes, streamlined and improved homeless/mental health/drug addiction infrastructure."

Mary A., San Lorenzo Valley

"Transit-oriented, high-density housing. Steep taxes and fees on Google or Apple busses using our streets. Rail trail!"

Dean M., Upper West Side

"I believe that my town can stay a small town, with the small town vibe that Santa Cruz has left behind. I grew up in Santa Cruz, when it was still ok to be weird, different, could be YOU."

Michelle C., Boulder Creek

"I hope that this county is able to resolve the homeless population explosion, constructs infrastructure that relives the traffic congestion, protects our existing open space and continues to be an awesome place to raise a family."

Julie W., Upper West Side

"My vision is for law enforcement to get tough with drug dealers and more places for recovery for addicts to get clean and contribute to society. The homeless garden project is a great example and could be expanded upon."

Gretchen B., downtown Santa Cruz

"I would really like to see a concerted effort to improve the quality of life for residents. That would include a major overhaul of our infrastructure to reduce traffic and improve ease of mobility (and) a major effort to improve public spaces and make them community hubs, places that are a source of pride and that are used by the community."

Stephen F., Larkin Valley

"Santa Cruz is blessed with natural beauty, a Mediterranean climate, and a populace that is both health-conscious and environmentally-conscious. As such, it's a perfect environment for a bike/pedestrian-centric lifestyle that minimizes personally-owned vehicle usage. …. Yet we don't see Santa Cruz becoming a bike-centric region in the same way that Davis, Calif is"

David W., Rio Del Mar