The County of Santa Cruz is opening Temporary Evacuation Points (TEPs) to serve debris flow related evacuees who do not have other arrangements in place. Evacuee are encouraged to stay with friends or family whenever possible.

What to expect at a Temporary Evacuation Point?

At TEPs, evacuees will have access to food, water, restrooms, blankets, and information about the emergency.

There will also be American Red Cross representatives on site to help evacuees access Red Cross resources and services.

These TEPs are meant for short durations and are not meant for extended stays. Sleeping accommodations will not be available.

COVID Precautions:

Each TEP will carry out COVID screenings before allowing evacuees to enter the building. Evacuees should stay in their cars unless accessing the resources offered at the TEP. There will be masks available to evacuees at each site in limited quantities. Evacuees should only ask for a mask if they do not have their own.

Current temporary evacuation points are:

Scotts Valley Community Center Map