Your property may qualify for an exemption from debris removal if the only burn debris on a parcel is from non-residential structures less than 120 square feet, fences, and non-structural wood material. No work plan is required as long as the structures did not contain paint, pesticides, herbicides, propane or other similar hazardous substances, and requirements listed in the Conditional Exemption from Santa Cruz County Debris Removal Requirements are followed.

Additional exemptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis where the structure is greater than 120 square feet and all material contained within the structure is inert. You may not apply for an exemption if your property has been flagged as potentially containing Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) or asbestos.

Forms and Requirements

  *Electronically Sign and Send the Document

Disposal Information

The county disposal site, Buena Vista Landfill (1231 Buena Vista Landfill, Watsonville), is accepting small loads of exempted debris with a stamped Debris Exemption form. In addition to the Debris Exemption form, you will need a signed Santa Cruz County Waste Profile Manifest. Once you have completed the manifest, send it to When you have received a signed/approved manifest, take that with the stamped debris exemption form with you to the BV Landfill and present it at the gate. Other landfills are also accepting exempted debris material and may have a similar process. For a list of other landfills in the area, click here.

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