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Welcome to the Santa Cruz County GIS Website!

The County of Santa Cruz maintains a vast amount of geographic data. Much of that data is available to you through a number of resources we maintain. We have online mapping applications for you to explore. These custom applications allow you to interact directly with our geographic data holdings to create a custom map on your computer screen. These interactive mapping applications will help you visualize information about landuse and planning, hydrography, and jurisdictional data that we maintain. There are also mapping applications geared toward elections information as well as water quality along our shores and streams. Additionally, we have a large map gallery of pre-made maps, all stored in convenient pdf format for you to download. Another resource for your use is our data download site. This gives you direct access to our spatial data to download and use in your own software that can utilize spatial data. Our data can be downloaded in two industry standard formats, both shapefile and geodatabase. Additionally, through this website we have many links to other GIS related content and information to help you learn about GIS as well as learn about some of the possibilities that spatially enabled data can provide.

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