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  • The County debuted a new, mobile-friendly website for job seekers. Go to on your smartphone or other mobile device. You can also access the site through our award-winning Citizen Connect app by downloading it at
  • On Wednesday, April 27, the County of Santa Cruz and its partners celebrated the groundbreaking of a 700-square-foot restroom and concessions building at Polo Grounds County Park. The long-sought project fulfills the original vision of Polo Grounds, one of the County’s most heavily used and multi-faceted parks. Event Info.
  • In partnership with the Sempervirens Fund, the County of Santa Cruz has begun the process of recruiting a consultant to work in conjunction with the partners, the community and ownership on a reuse plan for the decommissioned Davenport cement plant. The County expects to have the consultant in place in June. Press Release.
  • On Tuesday, April 5, the County opened the last module at Buena Vista Landfill, signaling the beginning of the end for local solid waste operations as we move toward a “Zero Waste” future. Visit our Facebook for more info.
  • Electronic parking kiosks are now available for visitors to the main County Governmental Building and County Courthouse. Up to two hours are still free, and click here for instructions if you plan to stay longer.
  • Registration for 2016-2017 activities is now open through the Santa Cruz County Department of Parks, Open Space and Cultural Services. Go to .
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