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Santa Cruz County's GIS Unit offers a wide range of GIS support activities to County departments and external customers.

Custom Mapping Services:

We provide custom mapping services to County departments and external customers. We utilize our HP 1055CM large format plotter which can create maps up to 36" wide.

Desktop and Web Application Development:

The GIS Unit provides application development and application web hosting services for multiple web-based mapping technologies. Our flagship web-mapping application (GISWEB) is based on ESRI's ArcIMS software. We also build and develop applications and tools using the latest ESRI technology platform known as ArcServer. GIS staff can work with you to develop tools which automate routine tasks such as mail list creation, or create web based mapping systems to help disseminate spatial data.

Data Analysis:

GIS staff have access to state of the art GIS software and can provide a wide range of data analysis in support of your organizations needs. Examples of data analysis services include population metrics based on US Census data, identifying project sites and proximity analysis.

Data Development and Maintenance:

The GIS Unit can work with you to deveop spatial data to meet the needs of your organization. We provide a wide range of data automation services and can provide on-going maintenance and support for your data needs.

Specialized Training:

GIS staff can provide customized training programs tailored to suit your organization's needs. Training can be done at your location or at the County's facilities. Training schedules are flexible and the pace is set to meet your learning style.